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Jens Larsen

I am a co-founder of the True Storytelling Institute. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. My big passion is to help people to succeed through true storytelling. I teach and use the 7 Principles in True Storytelling in my life and work. I am an experienced and inspiring coach, teacher, and consultant working with personal development, leadership, and change management strategy. For the last twenty years, I have helped leaders and people in organizations find their true stories and create commitment for strategies and projects through storytelling and together-telling. My approach to life is inspired by the Scandinavian way of living, and I have a passion for the Arctic. I have written several books on leadership, storytelling, and sustainability, e.g., co-written True Storytelling - Seven Principles for an Ethical and Sustainable Change-management Strategy.

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About this course

The True Storytelling Ethics Foundation Module
We live in a time of many changes; a pandemic, financial market swings, fake news, political turmoil, and climate change are only a few. 

Many people are struggling and experiencing high levels of stress.

 Especially in these times, we need people who are ethically strong and dare to stand in the arena and fight for ethical and sustainable change. 

It is an opportunity to create a 'new normal' and leave the 'old normal' behind.  

This is what True Storytelling is about. A method to create ethical and sustainable changes by utilizing the 7 principles of True Storytelling.

The beginning of your journey through the Ethics Foundation Module will help you become aware of your situation now and the challenges you are struggling with, and why it is important for you to live an ethical life, one where you care for yourself, nature and your community.

7 seven principles for an ethical life
On your journey through the sessions, you will create your new story and a focus on navigating by using your moral compass in your private and working life. 

You will experience the power of being guided by the 7 principles in True Storytelling, conversational storytelling, and indigenous storytelling, and how to use a storyboard in your personal and professional journey.


The True Storytelling Foundations course is the entry level course preparing you for the exciting world of True Storytelling for Ethical Organizational Change in the world. 

Your world class faculty, the originators and developers of True storytelling will lead you through the understanding and application of the 7 Principles and all the supporting tools in this home study course

Introducing our teachers for this course:

  • Grace Ann Rosile, Professor
  • Jim Sibel, Ph.D. and CFU
  • Lena Bruun, Strategic Advisor
  • Jens Larsen, Coach and Entrepreneur
  • David Boje, Professor
  • Ken Long, Associate Professor

At the conclusion of this course, the student will be able to: 

(List provided by Ken Long :) )

i  (Ken Long) have learned:

  • to be better thru mindfulness, in my own space and in the shared space of the True Storytelling circle
  • to recognize Truth when I hear it
  • to appreciate myself more when i hear myself telling True Stories to the best of my ability that the People may thrive
  • to be more honest true and fearless in all my personal and professional  efforts
  • to participate in honest story exchanges without judgment, criticism or preconceived responses
  • to give people and their stories the respect to be fully told, listened to, and to let them breathe in a safe space
  • to create spaces that allow people to do these things
  • to support the development of teams and groups to achieve these common relationships
  • to carry the insights from inside the circle into action once we get outside the circle with empowered trusted networks of teams to focus on my core values and learn a deeper appreciation of what they mean and how they work together as revealed in stories that relate how they have manifested in my life...leads to amazing clarity
  • and do all these things across every professional space i work in as a teacher, coach, businessman, trader, parent, husband student friend and mentor

Background videos

The Foundations course is a pre-requisite for further developmental courses in the True Storytelling curriculum